Would you change up your style/appearance if you had no dating life?

I've gone on only one date so far this year... And I'm ready to move on from the girl who destroyed my confidence last year.

I could explain more but I just don't feel like it.

  • yes, if what I'm doing isn't working than its the only reasonable solution
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  • No, If I like what I'm doing and the style/appearance I have I would just tough it out
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  • It depends, if I'm impartial to the way I look but feel like a change can lead to better things than why not
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  • If you're experimenting with styles you need to give it some time but if you have been doing same look for months/years and it's not working... Yeah time to change.
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So option A?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, in fact I already did. After high school. I used to not care about my appearance at all. I never did my hair or makeup, my clothes were unflattering or worn out, no fashion sense, I didn't wear nice shoes or heels, I wore glasses instead of contacts, plain short nails instead of a french manicure, I didn't shave much but now the only hair I have is on my head and eyebrows, etc. I lost some weight too. I look a lot different now. I dated a few guys in high school, but not the guys I really wanted to date. All of that changed since I turned 18 and went to college.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have no dating life. I choose to have no dating life. Will that change at some point? Most likely. Will I change who I am in order to make that happen? Nope. I'm comfortable with me, whether I'm looking to date/have a girlfriend or not.

    • I was too... I was comfortable with myself than I let the wrong girl get close and she ripped me to shreds for no reason.

      Sometimes you need to change and that's what I've be trying to do slowly.

    • Yah they do that.

      If I change something about myself, it's because *I* want it. That's it.

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  • If I was met with constant failure, I think I'd just give up and just stop all together until I'm tired or bored of giving up.

  • Yeah of course

    • Yeah it's pretty obvious... I guess I'm just being defiant to change.