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Where I work police officers come by one a week to make sure everything is okay. He gave his number but I was too shy to text him. It's been 3 weeks since i last saw him. The only time I see him is when I'm at work , but I will be quitting my job since I got accepted to an out of state graduate program. I was thinking of texting him to meet for coffee or something. Should I text him? Or is it too late?


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  • You're leaving state, I dont see the point tbh.


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  • text him You don't have anything to loose, so why not. aaand apologies for not texting earlier ^^

  • "It's been 3 weeks"
    Well, it's.. quite late and you got accepted to an out of state program.
    But... if you really like him, call him/text him.
    I don't see the point though.

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