A question for any guys who have/had long hair (girl's opinions welcomed as well)?

What is/was your dating life like with long hair?

I'm referring to this length and longer - A question for any guys who have/had long hair (girl's opinions welcomed as well)?

  • better with long hair
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  • Better with short hair
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  • I don't know/never had both
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  • I'm a girl I like long hair
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  • I'm a girl I like short hair
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  • It depends, some things work for some but not for others... So if what you're doing isn't working - change it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Long hair is SO much better. Love guys with long hair. Short hair isn't a deal breaker though.

    • How do you feel about beards?

    • I good with em. No dispute here some guys pull em off so well and (As long as they dont smell like food)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Donated all mine years ago, and it could be just old age, but my dating life was fierce when I had long hair compared to now.

    • How many years ago did you have long hair?

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    • Was it because the girls were older and appreciated it more (because some guys start going bald in there 20's and the percentage rises from there),

    • I don't know. I never really analysed it before.
      But now that I think on it, I'd say no. The hair went with a style I gave up, clubbing, bars, raves, and the associated chemicals with those venues. I got clean, and wanted my outsides to match the in. I reckon I did so well back then, because I was out all the time, meeting new people every day. A sheer numbers game I would say.

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  • about the same. some girls really liked that i had long hair some didn't the rest didn't care as long as it looked nice.

    • I've been thinking about cutting it off but if my dating life stays the same I'm going to be choked.

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    • Yeah I'm still refining my look, but ever since I ditched my elaborate facial hair at the beginning of this year I've been contemplating changing my hair as well.

    • get a fancy haircut i dont see why not

  • i dont know man, im self conscious about my hair man.

    • lol, are you being sarcastic...

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    • Just clean up a bit, try different things... I'm still trying to find my perfect match and I'm getting closer.

      I had I pretty gnarly beard/handlebar moustache last year, I would get compliments on it and everything but it was a novelty look. A lot of girls thought it was cool but they didn't want to date me so I've been trying to make myself more desirable (of course there's more to it than just that but all the changes add up).

    • yeah dude i use beard oil to make my beard softer and i brush it every single day, i bought a boar bristle brush to brush it and it works good, girls always want to touch it, some guys too lol. in the pic its not brushed well i need to take new pic.