Girl returned home and having a hard time communicating with her?

had meet her last year and had a serious thing for her , really wanted to date her , think at first she was cool to the idea but as she got to know me through her work ( I saw her at this restaurant near my work ) she started to like me. but nothing really happened last year , then she went away to college for dental school , she's going through to be a dental hygienist. and I didn't really see her for a while and we drifted apart. she recently returned home , I actually didn't know she was back home , had though she was still in city for school but she is back here.

I never get any good oppurtunities to talk to her , went to the restaurant she works at to see her one day and she wasn't there yet and arrived as I was leaving so I didn't get to talk to her but she saw me there and must of though I wanted to see her as that's mostly why I went there and I think she knew that. I also saw her at another restaurant , she was on patio with some friends and I didn't realise it was her till she walked by , she looked a bit different , I wanted to go over and say hi but sort of awkward as I don't know her friends and not a very social patio and she didn't say anything to me when she walked in. but think she might of been annoyed I didn't talk to her

have talked to her at her work before and maybe I need to try and reconnect with her there some how? I don't even know what to say , I really like her but my attachment to her is a bit weird and rather intense considering we didn't actually date yet , I just really had a crush on her and I think she sort of knew I liked her but maybe not as much as I actually do.
what about trying to contact her online? had found her twitter once but would that be too weird at this point as I only casually know her from that restaurant. I just feel frustrated that she's home and I haven't even talked to her this summer so what should I do?


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  • It's going to be a lost cause. She's not interested. Stop wasting your time.


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  • This is so typical. You basically acted like you weren't interested in front of her, probably because of your uncertainty and insecurity within yourself. Do you have her number? If yes, call her and ask her out. If not, ask for her number next time you see her. Stop being a wussy, man up, and lead the interaction. Don't expect the girl to go out of her way to take the lead.

    • she caught me looking over at her , think she knows I have a thing for her , don't think she'd think I wasn't interested in her. as to what she though when I didn't talk to her? not really sure maybe just a case of good idea but wrong place. where I saw her just isn't the most social restaurant compared to others. no I don't have her # and she doesn't seem like type to take the lead

    • You either risk rejection and ask for her number, or you simply move on to another girl. Wondering what she's thinking/doing will only waste your time.

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