What's my next move with this guy?

We are family friends - I've know him for years and I am 3 years older. At a wedding we ended up flirting massively to the point where other family members noticed and at the end of the night had a drunken makeout and cuddled all night. He texted me that day after we left. Since then we have snap chatted once or twice and texted once or twice but never for very long. (Neither of us are phone people). Should I ask him to hang out? Or wait for him to make a move? Or try texting him more? Or? I'm just not sure how he feels about everything that happened and him being a family friend complicates things. It's been almost 2 weeks now...


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  • texting sucks, just hangout, it's clear texting isn't going anywhere.


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  • Yes, you should ask him to hang out.


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