Ladies how did you find out that your guy liked you?

In other words how and when did you find out that he wanted to ask you out?


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  • He told me :') . But other than that because he wanted to talk to me all the time, the same as I wanted to talk to him all the time haha. And he gave me lots of compliments, and opened up to me about the things that were hurting him at that time; he trusted me.


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  • Long story but:
    We used to be best friends and were talking on Skype one night when he mentioned he fb messaged this girl we both knew but she'd just gone offline but he'd just found it funny. I asked why he messaged her since I thought he didn't like her and he said he didn't but it was just to see what she'd do. I joked she'd probably answer if I'd messaged and he agreed she probably would and was winding me up, saying she *liked* me since he'd heard something about her being a lesbian.

    I tested him by saying "Nah, no one likes me m8"

    "someone does m8"

    "Yeah.. ? Like who?"

    "I dunno, but someone does. Trust me."

    "The only person that likes me atm is my ex and I'm NOT interested"

    "Someone else does m8"

    "Like who?"

    "I dunno, but look some people are good at hiding their crushes. Like me. I hide mine.

    He later told me the boys used to rate the girls in our old school but he'd just ignore them when they did that. I asked what I got then and he told me he thought it was like a 5 or 4. I was a bit offended and said that made me sad but he told me I got higher than some the other girls - Some were in the minuses and I got higher than his ex. I said that I still hoped I'd gotten higher since then and he said

    "You.. probably have m8"

    "Yeah.. What am I now then?"

    "Oh I dunno m8! Like I said, I don't really rate people, I just walked away when they did that. Besides. Why you asking ME for? I'm your MATE!"

    "I dunno m8.."

    He later kept asking who I liked in school but I wouldn't answer and asked who he'd liked instead. He kept not wanting to say so I said

    "Well I'm not gonna tell her"

    He just laughed "I know you're not m8"

    but still wouldn't tell me and kept keeping on for who I liked. I eventually got him to say first but he just said this other girl so I told him about a different guy I liked in school instead. I concluded he didn't like me that way and went to bed. I mean: When I'd asked what I was now, he'd just been like "Why you asking ME for? I'm your MATE!" So that probably meant that's all he wanted to be and if he really liked me then why would he tell me a different girl he liked in our old school? The next day I decided to try get my mind of him but I just couldn't seem to

    He eventually messaged me and the convo started of as normal when he asked

    "You know what we was chatting about yesterday?"


    "When I was saying how the boys would rate the girls in school"

    "Oh yh"

    "Remember now?"


    (continues in reply)

    • "Well do you want me to tell you?"

      "Go on then"

      "10 m8"

      "Rly m8?"


      "Aw thanks m8"

      "It ok m8, you're a nice girl"

      "Aw thanks m8 and you're nice too"

      "And there was someone else I like in school"


      "I dunno if I should tell you m8"

      "Go on"

      "I dunno, it awkward one to say m8"

      "Just tell me"

      "I don't want too"

      It was obvious to me he liked me by that point (I mean who the heck would rate you a 10 if they weren't interested in you? And why would it be awkward for them to say who they liked if it wasn't you?) I offered to say mine and said first this time that at one point I thought he was cute and he was surprised and told me his was the same. He also told me he didn't want to make it awkward but that I was still cute and asked if I still liked him. I admitted I did and he admitted he did as well. He seemed really surprised but in a good way (like he actually asked me a few times if I was joking). After 4 days of flirting and getting over the shock, he asked m

    • Oh sorry, he asked "Remember when u asked me what u was now?" before he asked the "Well do you want me to tell you?" bit

    • Thanks for sharing your guys story.

  • well we were friends for about a month before he asked to kiss me, i started to get the feeling that he liked me as more than a friend when he started to go out of his way just to see me, like skipping class just to keep talking to me or actually going into university (where we both go) on a day when he didn't even have class just to see me

    • That's nice of him to do. How long have you two been going out! p?

    • sorry about the late reply, we have been going out for 4 months not counting the month we were seeing each other as friends. and at this point i think i am actually in love with the guy, now i jut gotta work up the nerve to tell him that haha

    • That's fine wow 4 months already. Well Good luck telling him girl and God bless.

  • He would tell me straight up. If he's not doing that im quite clueless

    • So even if he was usually giving you complements you would still be clue less?

    • yeah. i was that insecure that i never took them seriously. i just assumed they did that with everyone.

  • Lol he didn't ask me out. I developed a crush on him at work, we became friends for a short while and then I suddenly told him I had the biggest crush on him. So basically I made the first move and we've been together for 3 years.

  • Lol I did not know I just flirted a bit and bluffs lol

  • Usually guys are pretty upfront with me that they want to date me.


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