Did I miss a chance to hook up?

So I went on a tinder date with this one girl. We had talked for about a week she messaged me first and asked for my number, then made plans for a week later so we talked for 2 weeks total. The conversation was pretty dense and constant, so I thought she was more interested than most. Anyway, the date comes up and it went fairly well, I have had better, but all things considered it was slightly above average in my opinion, no awkward pauses, and lots of eye contact, but nothing fantastic like the time disappearing.

After about 2 hours, she says she is exhausted and would like to start heading home, which was fine by me as I was pretty tired too (the drinks we had were STRONG). the thing is, she kept talking with me for like 30 min more after this, and even on the way to our cars we stopped and talked a few times for another 30 min. At her car, I said bye and hugged her and I said we should do this again sometime and she said to send her a text

I did not make any further moves at this point as based off our conversation, she seemed more like someone I would like to date than hook up with, so I did not want to give off that vibe.

So I text her the next morning and I have not heard back after three days, so I have officially been ghosted... I thought the date wasn't terrible! But a friend mentioned she was likely wanting me to make a move and just hook up, which has had me thinking...


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  • Well, you met her on tinder. Of course she was expecting you to make a move, you goofus!

    • I met my last girlfriend on tinder actually, I just did not get the typical flirty casual vibe from her, more the I want to get to know you vibe haha I guess I misunderstood.

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  • Just cuz the date went well for you doesn't mean it went well for her. Yes, you guys kept talking for longer than you should have but believe me when i say that some people just "endure". I wouldn't have recommended a hookup that night anyway...
    Don't think you were ghosted, girls online get lots and lots of messages from guys just like you, she's probably out sampling. never know she might contact you back. wouldn't hold my breath though.

    • Ya I mean I am not hurt over it, I just don't understand ghosting... What is so hard about a text saying thanks but no thanks lol

      Yea, I get what you mean though, I guess I just did not see any of the negatives there.

    • one of the downsides of meeting people online, there is always some kinda trend. in most cases, the guys are desperate, and the girls are spammed. like i said, she is probably exploring some other "option", according to her, you had your chance. You can't approach online dating or meeting seriously... the few times I've checked up on it, if... IF i do message someone, as soon as im done, i forget all about it. Chances are there are probably about 563 other guys before she gets to my message. last girl i messaged online took 3 months to respond. 2 days later, she was all obsessed.

  • Yeah you blew it, she herself asked for your number, she arranages a date. You talk for two hours, she says she's tired and yet talks for 30 min, she AGAIN waits 30 min for you to make a move near her car. In those two hours why didn't you escalate or make a move.

    I think you're done, don't think she'll call back. You do know what Tinder is for right?

    • Tinder is for what ever you want it to be for... I have had plenty of ONS on there before, but I also met my last girlfriend on there and we dated for over a year. I just did not ever really get a hook up vibe from her at all, not so much flirting, more getting to know each other.

      Eitherway, I think I lost out, regardless of if she was confusing or I was confused lol