Girls, I need your help on this one. Can I fix this?

I'll keep this as simple as I can. So, there are two girls that I have been talking to at work, let's call them Sara and Jess. I first show interest in Sara and even go out on a date with her but I get the vibe that she is not interested in me. So I stop talking to her and start talking to this other girl, Jess, who agrees to go on a date with me. I get her number and we are now in the process of figuring out a date (we both work so it's hard finding free time). At this point, I don't know why but Sara begins to show interest (like wtf). So dumbass me, decide to ask her out, she says yes and now I am on this date with her. This is where I fuck up. At the end of this date, I really don't know why, but I decide I'm gonna tell Sara that I like her (even though I don't, I like Jess), and of course, I get rejected. She tells me she's not ready for a relationship, blah blah, and the night is over. No problem, I didn't care that much since I really didn't like her. However, what I didn't think about was Mary, who was a mutual friend between the three of us and who worked at the same place. I'm not exactly sure, but I think that Sara told Mary what happened and Mary told Jess because when I went into work today, I got completely ignored by Jess. I went up to her and said hey and she just walked away. I mean, I don't know Jess very well, I only just began talking to her but we really hit it off and I really like her. I could care less about Sara. I'm so fucking pissed at myself because I feel like I ruined it with Jess. Is there a way to fix this or did I fuck it up for good?


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  • You really did fuck up.. really badly..
    I don't know how you are going to fix this because if I am in her shoes; I'd be pissed too. Not to mention I'd hate being second best.
    You should try explaining to her that what you said to Sara didn't mean anything; and to prove it your going to take her out on a date this weekend and pay for her meal. You gotta lot of sucking up to do lol. If you really like the girl then at least try to get her forgiveness if not just find someone else

    • Yeah you are right. I definitely want to try and get her forgiveness, I see her at work tomorrow so I'm gonna go and talk to her. Any idea on what I should say?

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    • Thanks for taking the time to write back, I appreciate that. I'll let you know how it goes!

    • Yes please; tell me how it all goes! Good luck!

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  • Yeah I think you fucked up quite bad, since you tried with two girls from work with the same circle of friends, since Jess and you don't know each other very well she probably got a wrong impression from you, probably thought you were a player, honestly I don't know how you can fix this, maybe it'll get better in time? Id say just move on, sorry


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