How do I fix this?

So a boy that I have liked off and on who has also liked me off and on and has also asked me out previously. The problem is that we don't usually like each other at the same time which has resulted in us never dating either he likes me and I like someone else and he likes me or I like him and he is dating someone or likes someone else. What should I do?


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  • If you've stopped liking them that often, or both of you it's never going to work past a month.

    • Well there are reasons behind some of that due to past issues ( not involving him). We have known each other for about three years and we did like each other a couple times at the same time but we didn't end up dating for numerous reasons.

    • If you stopped liking him without even dating it doesn't bode well.

    • thanks :p

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  • You can't fix this! You probably don't like him that much, otherwise your feelings wouldn't be so unstable.


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