Are black girls *actually* interested in dating white guys, or do they just say they are to prove a point?

I've seen a lot written on the internet about black girls wanting to date white guys. In reality, though, I rarely see black girls with white guys, and I rarely even see them interact with white guys. The college I attend is very self-segregated. Most black people stick with their group and associate only with other black people. This makes me wonder if black girls are serious about wanting to date white guys or if it's just internet hype.


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  • i am not personally that attracted to white guys, and i feel like they are not that attracted to us either. My reasons are i just love the way black guys look. Thats it; however i am open to dating a white guy, but i have to be really attracted to him but i usually dont even see them when they are around bc im not attracted to their look.

    • That's kind of what I thought. Most black girls don't seem like they're attracted at all to white guys.

    • i feel the same way about white guys not being attracted to us

    • There are probably more than you think. Guys just want women for the most part, regardless their ethnicity. Where I live there are tons of white guys dating Filipina and Mexican girls.

  • A few are, but it's only a vocal minority. Most white guys just don't appeal to black girls because they aren't the type of men we grew up around. Physically they're okay, I guess, but we're mostly attracted to guys with darker skin and more muscle.

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