she's still with the guy she cheated on me with?

I have moved on, i still love her, but i will not go back to her. But my first love, she cheated on me, multiple times with her ex. She kept playing games with both of us. We were both onto her lies and games, and caught her multiple times. But the last time i was with her she was cheating on me with this new guy. Left me, and started dating him. I just saw them the other day, and they are STILL together a year later. What a shitty feeling. Its not fair to watch such shitty people do well in their lives KNOWING how much destruction they have caused in others.. I hate it. How do i get over this?

Especially after knowing her cheating ways, how she is still with this guy is beyond me..


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  • More than likely she is cheating on this new guy too. People who cheat don't just stop, so eventually she'll break his heart too. I'm assuming she's very beautiful for guys to stick around so much, and that's why she is getting away with it. If it was just an average girl, I can't see so many guys putting up with that. One of these days her looks will start to fade, and she won't be able to rely on that. By that point, she'll still be bitch and no guy wants to put with an old cheating bitch. She she'll wind up alone.

    • I hope so. It kills me to watch someone who wasted so much of my time, and effort that i had put into them, be with someone else so quickly and so long after doing such terrible things. Its disgusting.

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  • Doesn't seemed you moved on if this is an issue. You shouldn't care. She should be dead to you. She cheated on you twice is all that you should remember who cares who she is banging now. I think you need a bit more time because it shouldn't bother you anymore.

    • I just want to know how someone with such a long past of cheating, can stay with someone else without doing it. It makes me feel like i wasn't enough to stay faithful to and was just another guy on her hit list.

    • In her mind you wasn't. However you don't know for sure she is faithful with him either. She just might have gotten better at cheating.

    • Its just a shitty feeling man. I've been with plenty after her, but its just not fair.

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  • It appears here, dear, that although she probably didn't Mean to Hurt anyone, she Realized she is in love with The... New guy.
    The More time you have to think how she Hurt you, the less it will Hurt. Focus on yourself now, Find Friends who you can hang out with and who can Try and Help you Forget her.
    Never mind those memories. There is Someone out there much better than this One, who in time, may even go Back to her Old... Cheating ways.
    Good luck. xx

  • Stop paying attention to her.


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  • i dont think you have moved on, despite trying to convince yourself otherwise. On the plus side, you dodged a bullet not being with her. god knows how long it could have dragged on for or what sort of diseases you could have gotten with her sleeping around behind your back.

    Every cloud and all that jazz.

    You will find someone else, just dont let her taint your view of future relationships.

  • Realize she has to live with the guilt and probably will one day cheat on that guy. My first love cheated on me with 4 different people in one day. She stayed with one But he lead her on long enough to get what he wanted and left. Just depends on the situation man

    • In my situation, she obviously sees something in this guy worth keeping. I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, he has it. They've been together for a year, and it was a rebound. So I don't know man, like i said, it just sucks to watch shitty people do well.

    • I'm sorry dude, it really does suck. She will get what's coming to her. She has been labeled by a cheater... and she can't change that.