How is Meetup for finding single girls?

I live in a big city and I've had no luck finding any eligible single girls on Meetup, theirs very few girls at these Meetups a lot of them are there with their boyfriends, a lot of them are obese, and at the singles Meetups it's a sausage fest. *sighs*

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  • its retarded my good man


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  • Welcome to online dating...

    • Is that any better?

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    • ok meetup is NOT a form of online dating.. its like a way to set up events with other people you might not have met without it.. a lot of koreans use it to meet people to go hiking and its like groups of 10 to 20

    • if you can find an event worth going to and setup a meetup to go do it.. you will meet a lot of new people to include men and women.. id recommend you setup a bar crawl! works crazy well