Girl trying to guess who I'm crushing on. Why?

There is a girl who I met last week. In that time, she's asked me if I like 4-5 girls she's seen me talk to. I don't have feelings for any of these girls, as they're either friends or acquaintances. She's smiling and sorta-laughing when she guesses, but I get the feeling she has ulterior motives. When I joked that she thinks I like everybody, she replied that I haven't told her who I'm interested in, so she'll keep guessing. Your thoughts?


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  • She likes you and wants you to say her. If you do like her jokingly tease her and say that when she was guessing she left a few ladies out that you might like. After 2-3 cut to the chase and just say that you like her.

    • I figured as much,. This weekend has some logistical obstacles, as I'll be out of town. I am against telling someone I like them, however can see if she is available next week.

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