Boyfriend got me nothing for our 6 year anniversary? Am I being silly? he went for dinner with his female friend 2 days before? HELP?

I am now with my boyfriend 6 years and yesterday it was our anniversary. I always always get him a little present and always a card. Sometimes he gets me a card. The plan was to go to his and order pizza ( that's what he wanted) and go to his early and stay over etc. He was in work till 7 and that was fine by me. He told me to head to his around half 7. I texted him and said I'll leave mine now he said ' I'm in my sisters I'll be home in a hour' I said okay that's fine, half 11 at night when he texted me saying he was going home. I just got a bit annoyed and upset because he said he couldn't take me out cus work but then stays in his sisters till 11.30 at night? He was also getting annoyed saying relax I'll be home soon. So I got to his at about 11:45 and I sneeked up to his room and left the card etc under his covers so when we went up he would find his gift. So we were downstairs and got pizza by 1am 😴 it came and was cold and he wasn't in the mood then. We went up to bed and I wore my sexy underwear and did my spray tan done he said he was 'too tired' so he found his card and he just said 'yeah I have a card downstairs for you but you didn't give me time to write it it was in my bag all day I got it before work , you kept rushing me' he could have wrote it in his sisters like or before I got down? He obviously didn't even have a card I know he didn't. So he said he's not opening my card until he ' writes mine' I just got really upset about the whole night. Then he went to sleep. We woke up and I started kissing him he said not now I have to be in work for 12 . This was 10am when we woke up. He never takes me out or anything. He went for dinner on Wednesday with his female friend ( she's a lesbian) but he goes with her and won't even take me out or have a proper night in with me. I don't no if I'm over reacting but I am upset about it all. So I'm home now and he's in work till 7Pm.


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  • I understand that you're hurt and why you're hurt but guys do tend to forget things like anniversaries. I think they're not that important to them. Maybe have a calm conversation with him explaining that it's important to you that you celebrate it, even if it's a small thing. And next year, it might not be a bad idea to set up a calendar reminder for him so he'll know it's coming up :)

  • Umm this is probably a stupid suggestion, but watch the movie '6 years' until the end.