Girls, How do you like a guy from afar?

And do you hope he will approach you

Thanks for opinions


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  • if i like him ill drop hints. maybe flirt with him a little, mostly through humour or being pretty expressive with my eye contact.

    • What if you don't get to see him often

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    • Then tonight I sent the message asking what her plans for Wednesday after class were

    • So what's your opinion on all this

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  • a guy from a far? How do I like those guys... like an ex, from afar :D

    • No I mean not approach but still show signs of interest

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    • There's no break in the class it's just two straight hours

    • Then After those hours

  • Wait what? That made no sense

    • Like show your interest but never approach

    • Smile? Approaching? That's the best way to find out if anything will happen in life with them

  • I'm really shy to approach guys, and I do have crushes from afar.
    The first week of college, I dress my best and hope a guy around my age asks me out for a date.
    I get to class, and secretly glance around. If there is a guy around my age, I glance over every so often. I do more glances if that guy is sitting 1 or 2 rows in front from where I sit. After awhile a couple weeks, I kinda wish that guy would would sit next to me. I usually don't talk at first, but when someone sits next to me I start to open up

    ... so yeah!

    • So then what do I do about this girl

      Well there's things I'm not sure about she has approached me twice the first time if was just before class she asked me about assignment I told her I completed it. From there she says you know a lot about this class and I apologize and say I don't wanna come off arrogant but the only reason I'm in there is because it's a requirement for my major she laughs.

      The second time I was in the library writing a paper she comes by taps me on the shoulder we talk for a little I ask her if she's working on the current assignment she goes no I'm working on other assignments she says someone was supposed to meet her there but never showed she said she was glad she ran into me with a smile and asked if I wanted Tim Hortons which she gave me a box of donuts and orange juice.

      Three weeks goe by with no interaction between us until I iniate something on Facebook

      Me I never get opportunities to talk to you
      Her Lol I know! Same here If I see you around campus I w

    • That's what happened

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