I thought he liked me?

I had signed up for this app and it's like a dating thing. There was a guy who messaged me saying that he thought I was beautiful and wanted to meet up. We talked for all night and then eventually he said he was going to go to bed. I replied "goodnight I guess we'll talk tomorrow". Then he says yeah we will with a smiley face emoji. Yesterday morning I sent him a message saying good morning but he didn't respond at all. I left it alone and didn't send anymore messages. I really wanted to meet him and he was actually the only guy that wasn't asking for sex. I'm new to all of this so I really don't know what to do. Also on the app you can kind of see when someone is online but I'm not sure how to it works and you can see when someone has read the message. Apparently he hasn't seen it but was supposedly online but when I saw the green light on him it would only be on for like 10 minutes and then it would go away for a long time. I AM OLDER THAN IT SAYS I CLICKED THE WRONG THING.


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  • lol relax. he is probably busy and will check your message later even if you do see he is online, his app is still running and will show he is online even when he is not on that site, but on his phone. Now if a few more days go by and you dont hear from him, then he wasn't that interested.

    Thats happened to me and i have done it to people. I responded or sent a message bc i was "kind of interested" and talking to other people too can stir your attention away. This will happen sometimes online. a lot are not on there for anything serious and just chatting or in a relationship and making small talk.

    But yea dont hit him up no more. If he wants to see you, he will be right back in contact and will make it happen.

  • That's how dating apps work. People show interest and then get bored or change their minds, even if it's only after one conversation.

    • I just don't get it. Lots of other people messaged me and the ones I started talking to all replied back to my messages.

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    • I thought he was interested and I wanted to meet him

    • I really am don't know