If I haven't had a girlfriend yet by age 26, do you think that means it's never gonna happen? too late for me, and should throw in the towel?

Am i the oldest person you can think of who has never had a relationship before by being age 26? i don't know, i just never knew how to make it happen


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  • Incorrect I am older than you and had never been in a relationship. More than 30 years, mid 30s to be approximate. If you really truly want to quit, then you will. You don't absolutely have to have a girlfriend or relationship to make you happy or create happiness. It comes from within. It's not all that hyped up to be. People more often then not break up and split and even the divorce rate is about 50%. There's more obligations and responsibilities when you are with someone, and like I had said earlier, happiness comes from within. There are no guarantees that relationships will last forever and there are no guarantees that just because you have a girlfriend you will be happy or live happily ever after, it takes a lot of work, compromise, patience, and tolerance and acceptance.

    I'm sure there are people in their 40s and 50s that have never been in any prior relationships, etc. But really why does any of that ever matters at all other than the fact that only because we want them to matter in the first place?

    • It says your age is 18

    • @moviedude714

      That is because I never use a real birthdate when registering on websites unless I am legally obligated to, such as a government website applying for student loans and financial aid. If I don't have to then I never bother to.

  • I mean... it's not impossible obviously and how you are going about trying to get a girlfriend matters and all, but...

    I mean... there has to be something about you that makes you undesirable to women. These things get exacerbated with every tick of the clock. Not a lot of women are going to be jumping at the chance to basically have to teach you how to have a relationship in your mid 20's.

    It's shitty and I hope something works out for you.

    • Women do not like to teach men period. There is a reason women turn away from men who are still late 20's virgins. Teaching is considered dominant and women like to be taught by men but never be the ones to teach.

  • it's not even that unusual according to Nick Savoy for guys to reach your age and older without ever having had a girlfriend

  • I'm sure there's older. Thing is you know the problem so now seek the solution. What are you doing to get a girlfriend? Plus rather than specifically focusing on a girlfriend what are you doing to improve yourself.

  • It means that women only are going to look to you as a wallet and they don't really find you physically attractive. In college, high school etc women care about looks, and status (popularity) with a sizable portion caring about money aka gold diggers. Post college when life gets real women start caring more and more about money.

    Now if you haven't gotten a girlfriend in high school or college then women are basically indicating to you that they don't find you physically attractive or find your personality interesting to tingle their vaginas (aka your boring to them). So a woman post these years in the mid 20's and beyond will only want to be with you if:

    1. You make more money than her (aka she sees you as the provider)

    2. She is desperate and want to settle down.


    The cold hard truth son is you can get a girlfriend but will she be a girl who actual loves you is another story.

  • I hope not either

    • But something tells me it's not that unusual