Is it okay to ask if this outing will be a date or not?

We're pretty close friends have had some "moments" talk everyday and I like him so much. He said that he had no one to see a movie with and suggested maybe we could go together. He's a little shy but i'm afraid I'll go thinking it's a date and he's only suggesting it as friends. Can I confirm what it is? How would I ever ask without being creepy or ruining it?


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  • Does it really matter what you call it? Whatever you wanna name it, it's likely to be a pleasant shared experience.

    • yes but if he actually doesn't like me and i go and like him even more just to realize i've got it all wrong that would freaking hurt

    • So what you really want answered is "did you ask me mainly because you think I'm special

    • um... no i just want to know how i should behave. It's only fair to both of us

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  • There is no need to ask him. Just behave in a way you'd behave during a date.

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