Girls, Do you think fitness/ lifting time gets in the way of relationships?

I would think a guy who is really fit ( fitness model fit ) uses a lot of free time to get into that shape. They are not a model or anything. Even though it is healthier. Is this a reason why some girls don't go for really fit guys?

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  • I'm all for personal improvement, but there's a point where a balance needs to be struck. If you're spending 2-4 hours at the gym every night after work and longer on the weekends, how do you expect to have time to have a relationship with anyone? Relationships take time as well. It shouldn't take up all of your time, but it should still be a priority. I think many people would agree with me when I say that I don't want to be your last priority if we're in a relationship. I don't need to be your first, but I should be in at least the top 5.

    • would you say 45 minutes a day is still too much. Think about a guy working 9-5. On a Friday He gets off work, arrives at gym around 5:45 , goes home to change for your date at around 7:00. Then by the time you guys actually go to dinner , its around 7:45 at least.

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    • most of them , I think only take sundays off.

    • You might be training too hard, unless you cycle your workouts.

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  • Yeah I think fitness can definitely become problematic in a relationship if the other person does not care as much for it.

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