Shy or uninterested?

I've been getting some conflicting advice about how to handle this guy. Backstory: for months, we saw one another every so often and he would always seem really nervous around me. He's in general a pretty quiet and shy person. A few weeks ago, we were out with a group of friends and he was much more open and talkative than normal. Asking lots of questions, paying close attention to me all night, and walking me home.

We ended up making plans to hang out a few days later (note: I was the one to suggest the plans. He quickly agreed and asked for my number).

When we hung out solo a few days later, we had a really good time, he was still quiet but seemed more comfortable, lots of teasing and eye contact and smiling. He seemed flustered when we went to say goodbye. He messaged that night saying he would love to do it again, but then he didn't follow up that week.

Knowing he'd been busy with some things, I took the initiative and suggested a get together
(he was out of town). He said let's make plans when I get back, but it's been another week now, and I haven't heard anything.

My question: does he need another nudge from me, to know for sure I am interested? Is it possible he is intimidated? (I'm by no means a supermodel, but I do get asked out often and I'm told I'm attractive.) Or am I way off-base, and should I just move on at this point?


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  • Simply ask him "Do you like me?" and if he says "No" then you can move on


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  • I am assuming he is still out of town and even Back.. he probably is this Busy Beaver trying to get Back in order again and has no Game Plan for you and him just as of yet.
    Just for laughs and giggles, Merely ask How he is and ask if he is doing Okay, you just had Wanted to shout a "Hey."
    Leave it Alone now and simply Wait for his own Reply, this Guy. Give him the benefit of the Doubt for now.
    Good luck. xx


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  • number of paragraphs written about some guy: 5
    evaluated attractiveness of guy: HOT.
    evaluated personality of guy: AUTISTIC
    OP's interest about guy: HIGH, reason: HOT.


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  • I think from the sounds of it you should bring it up, he seems a bit flustered and nervous around you and may be over thinking his actions.