I'm positive my boyfriend likes this other girl, what should I do?

So here's the deal, my boyfriend and I have been together for two years now. The more I'm with this guy, the more I find out about his past, which would be ok if his past wasn't in my face the whole time... He's "hung out/flirted/talked" whatever you want to call it, with girls that are in the group we hang out with. I guess he didn't say anything at first cause it would make things awkward, and now that I found out, things are indeed a little awkward. But there's this one girl who I cannot just swallow easily, and the reason why is that from the group of friends, she's the only one who he has never tried anything with! And sometimes I feel him barking up her tree... Like, he will compliment her, says he likes her style all the time, says he looks up to her because she is a couple of years older, but it just seems to me like that's the one he wanted but could never get!

I've asked him multiple times and he would say things like oh you're crazy, that could never happen, there's nothing there... Unfortunately, I have trust issues... For something he did, and confessed to doing it which is why I'm still with him, because I believe that if he confesses instead of me finding out, it shows how much he actually does care about me, but I'm still "traumatized" I guess you could say, and now it's like I look into every single detail!


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  • Ok it does so much sound like his issues as much as your own.. You need to feel secure enough with yourself to accept his past and if you can't you need to move on


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