Girls, Does it bother you if a guy is big into a certain geeky thing?

I've always had a love for Star Wars and over recent years i've wanted to learn more about it to the point where i'd buy books and memorbillia on Star Wars.

Now i know there's a bit of stigma around geeks and things like Star Wars. Thing is i'm not super mega uber into Star Wars but i do love the show, films and the lore; whatever the Star Wars version of a Trekkie is i'm that.

Question is girls would this put you off dating someone like me

Note: I do have other hobbies and interests as well, this just happens to be the geekiest one


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  • No not at all :)


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  • Personally no because everyone should be passionate about something whether it be geeky or not. Be happy he's passionate about something because there are some guys who are just emotionless. Hopefully i helped... good luck.

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