Girls, Would you ever get disappointed over your crush?

Ok so been noticing this girl who always stares at me. Well at first I looked at her as I thought she was stunning. And ever since she always stares and looks shocked to see me around if she hadn't seen me for a while. So for months just basicly staring at me all the time. And I did on the occasion so uno. Then she didn't see me for 5 months as I was off work. And didn't catch the transport home. So now she sees me once every month where as before it was everyday. But she still stares? And now walks past blushes , smiles and says hi. Now I'm actually shy as she's very beautiful and can't actually build up courage to make a move. But I seen her on Facebook suggestions didn't add her ass it would be creepy. But I noticed she like super clever , got a good job , degree etc etc. Lol and I'm currently stuggling to get my career moving and my buisness. Which kind of puts me off making any moves as she may think I'm something I'm not. So yeah kind of makes me feel like I'm out of her league a bit.


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  • I'm dissapointed in this post.
    Power couples make moves together. If you want something go and get it. She's for sure into you. And no amount of money would make her like you any more or any less. So go for It :)
    Adding her on Facebook will be a good way of communicaton if either one is too shy to speak in person. Or just bite the bullet and say hi and get a convo going

    • I may strike up a conversation I don't want to add her as she will probably be like what the hell. but what I mean is she always sees me in my suit kind of clothes and I look after myself but she might think I'm something I'm not. Sorry that your disappointed lol

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    • Well I was taken at first and shy lol

    • You avoiding her shows her you Arnt interested... even the slightest (friendship)