Serious relationship help needed?

okay first you need to know the backstory.
I met a guy on here and we connected really well. We started chatting on Skype and just connected. We live near each other and we've thought about meeting up somewhere public. We accidentally sexted a bit and it was fun but I felt weird about it cause I like him. Then his mom took away his iPad and we couldn't chat on Skype anymore. We both have cell phones so we can still talk a bit, but not much.
I felt like he used me for sex and I told him I felt that way. It was a very short convo and then we didn't speak for days. Now, every time I think about him a part of me says no and a part of me says yes.
A friend (who's 22) has been saying don't do it. This is bad you're just going to get hurt. And another friend has been saying this is your chance for a relationship.
i really don't know what to do.
Do i stop talking to him? Do I just try a relationship with him?
I'm 14 and he's 15 by the way. I need serious help

Guys seriously I'm 14 and I don't know what to do! HELP ME!!!


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  • First, you should be honest with yourself about what you are doing and why you are doing it. You did not "accidentally" sext him, did you?

    • I did sext. I admit I've made some bad choices in the department and I wish I never sexted anyone but that's a different story.
      We got each other off is what we did

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    • I decided I shouldn't date him

    • Okay. Now, the respectful thing to do is to tell him that you like him but you are not interested in being in a relationship. Tell him that you respect his privacy and will delete his pictures and you trust that he will respect you and do the same. If you want to try being friends with him, that's okay but he may not be able to handle being friends after you have rejected him.

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  • Don't try a relationship with him. It's clear that he only wanted to use you.
    Also, how are you certain that he was really 15? He might have been older.

    • I'm sure he was 15 because he did some classic 15 year old stuff while we video chatted. Admittedly it was cute