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Hey guys , me and my husband are like bestfriends , but i dont think that is going to last long. if i tell him not to talk to certain females i feel have no good intentions. He still will... i can't deal , i have so many rules to go by its not fair. If i dont want him talking to a certain female am i wrong?


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  • No you're not wrong and he doesn't respect your feelings and is an insensitive jerk

  • Yes you are wrong. he needs to be able to socialize, without that he's just dying a slow death. You need to trust him.

    • I trust him , but any female thats trying to be friends with and look past me is no good intentions. Also when they slick talk about you shady ways is no good intentions. I'm so sick of it...

    • You can socialize and be respectful. Clearly he knows that talking to these girls hurts his wife's feelings yet he does it anyway, which is disregarding the person he made vows to. She's not wrong.

    • @EllieLexis513 right

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  • No, but I feel like this is something you should've thought about before you got married.

    • I know right , but he will tell me he stop talking to her but when I'm around its different

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    • Ok , I'm just so over it and everything else , before I got married I didn't think of stuff like this. I was happy he asked. Now I'm like... Then he want us to have a baby smh n

    • Ooooooo, yeah, don't have a baby until you guys can come to some type of understanding on this. And tell him that, too.