Feel invisible when it comes to women, am I hideous or is it a confidence thing?

Feel invisible when it comes to women, am I hideous or is it a confidence thing?I'm fed up of being alone I have no idea how to approach women and they never approach me, probably doesn't help that my resting content face looks fairly grumpy/angry. How bad do I look?


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  • To be honest, you look a bit dorky in your picture. Not bad but not good. Are you successful? I only ask because that will increase your attractiveness to the female sex.

    With your looks and if you are successful and a decent man, then you will not have an issue finding a woman.

    If you are not successful and with your looks, you are not out of the running. You will just need to be funny and/or confident or play guitar. For some reason, guitar players are always sexy. lol! :)

    But don't give up hope. General speaking, the older we get, the more guys like you get more and more attractive to us. I wish I could say it was the same experience for us. lol! :)

  • You don't look bad at all... but a woman isn't going to magically fall into your lap! If you are tired of being alone, start talking to ladies. If approaching strangers seems intimidating, try doing things that attract women. Go hiking, start volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, spend some time walking dogs on the weekends at an animal shelter. Join some local clubs or sporting teams. Focus on your hobbies, and see if you meet some girls that way... or maybe join a gym?


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  • You look awkward as fuck in your pic. Confidence does go a long way though