Am I overreacting? please I need opinions from you guys and girls?

Me and a guy i've been dating for months were supposed to meet on Sunday (He is in France on vacation, coming back on Sunday) we were texting everyday, longing for each other. And then he told me yesterday that it would be better if we met another day because he will be home 01.00 am and it would be hella late.
Do i have the right to be mad?


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  • Realize that unless he can sleep on the plane he'll be horribly jet-lagged. It may be 1am for you but his body clock is telling him it's more like 7 or 8 in the morning and he's been up all night.
    Still if I were him I'd want to see my girl no matter how much I needed a shower, a shave and a night's sleep.


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  • No. Have you ever been out of the country? Flying back and jet lag sucks.

    • You're right. I know how it feels like, it takes me days to get back to my routine.

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  • No. He's going to be tired from traveling and is considerate enough to wait until a decent hour to meet. If he doesn't want to meet the next day, then get mad. ;-)

    But seriously. He should really want to see you.