Should I talk to my crush first?

I have a crush on this guy at the skating rink. He doesn't even notice me. But one of his friends decided to talk to me first. Im too shy to talk to my crush though. I dont know what to do. Help wanted

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  • yes, you should approach, you'd be surprised how a guy can love a girl the minute they see them, and when they talk to us. most guys prefer the girl to approach first anyways.

    • Thank u.. but what should i do about his friend that came and talked to me?

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    • dont worry about coming on too strong and such, most guys dont think that way, if he doesn't like it, than thats his stupid problem. but ether way many guys love when girls are forward about their feelings and intentions, because it prevents confusion, and guys hate confusing girl's intentions and feelings.

    • Wow you've been a big help.. I always thought that a guy didn't like it when a girl comes on too strong or aggressive i thought it was a turn off.. but now i see from a lot of guys perception that its okay for a girl to approach first.. Now if only i can work up the confidence to say something to him now..💁😱

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  • Is his friends interested in you?

    • I dont know but one of his friends came and talked to me first. So im assuming his friend likes me.. what should i do?

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    • Wow seems like a great idea.. only if i wasn't so shy to even ask his friend to tell my crush for me.. Do you think my crush would feel awkward or weird if his friend tells him i like him instead of it coming from me?

    • Nah it's pretty common for girls to do that.

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  • Forget him he's nit intressed in you anyway. Where is it? Maybe i like him then you can watch and learn