How can a man make a woman feel safe and secure?

Hi there, I think I read somewhere that it is attractive if a man can make a woman feel safe and secure. I was wondering if that also means that she feels safe like he will not be judged by others or something like that in a social situation. Is this true? And what are ways a man can make a woman feel safe and secure? If a man has money does that make you feel safe and secure? Is that the same feeling as when a man is physically a good protector? Thanks.


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  • I'm not sure but in my experience, if a female truly feels insecure I'm general before you date her, run. Just run the hell away from her as far and as fast as possible because nothing in the world will make her feel secure just being with you and it causes a lot of problems. If she feels like you can't provide or if you can't protect her, that's a different story. For some females prefer males who are financially secure and protect them if they need it. But that's not all females.

    I know for myself, I couldn't care less if the guy is able to protect me. I train enough in combat sports and grew up with an army family wich left lots of experience in combat to usually protect myself. Financially speaking, he does his own thing, I do mine and whatever money I get is mine and whatever money he gets is his.

    • Ok, thank you very much for your opinion Hanjheo. Now I am thinking about social status and stuff. I am wondering guys and gals if when someone has lots of social status (and is like the coolest person in the room or the person that has people agree with the most, or maybe the most "dominant") then do girls (and maybe guys) feel like that person could make them feel safe, or something like that? Maybe the person with the most social status, wherever that comes from.

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    • Sorry I think I was wrong. Is it attractive to you gals if a man is someone you want to be like? Like his personality and stuff.

    • Not be like, but the type that makes us proud to be with.

  • If you want to make her feel secure instantly then hug her from behind.


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  • It's not a man's duty to make a woman feel safe and secure. It's within her own power to make herself feel safe and secure.