Girls, If a girl asks why?

If I asked a girl what her plans were after clas on Wednesday and she told me she a English class afterwards and said why is this a bad sign or am I reading too much

Thanks for opinions
Thanks again


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  • She asked why because she was thinking that you were going to ask her something like to either hangout or ask her out on a date. It's the same thing when you ask your friends, "What are u doing this weekend", they instantly think u are going to ask them to hangout with u. :) I'm not a 100% if she thought u were going to ask her out but she figured u were going to ask her something like maybe to hangout or something.

    • Well I was thinking a date

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    • I'm sorry, I do hope things turn out better for you. :) Don't lose hope. :)

    • I really wanna date her

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