Red flags I should look out for in dating?

Red flags I should look out for in dating?

Allright y'all!

Name or list any red flags that you can think of to look out for when I'm considering dating a girl!

Dating red flags not a flag that is red, ok!

Just to give you a little bit of what I look for in a girl I consider dating

Her morals match as much as mine or closely.
respect and consideration.
she will not compromise my morals and beliefs.
shouldn't be to hard to find huh?

Allright go!

Very good and insightful answers I'm taking some serious notes!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think the ones You put up their are pretty good and important...
    Don't know about You but for me it's important for him to be laid back & be able to joke about different things, even serious things. IT would be hell for me if He would be serious all the time or having myself watch out what I joke about.
    and Her goals maybe? Like it doesn't make sense to date someone that want the opposite of what You want, soo...
    Can't think of nothing else... the rest time will verify ^^

    • Humor is a must. I'm a funny guy or at least I make people laugh with my silly/ sometimes ridiculous sense of humor, I have found out that many girls I liked digged my humor but at the end result they were annoyed by me for my humor... I never went to far but I was pretty let down when I started to realize this. She has to digg my humor and jokes and silliness. That's just who I am.

    • Exactly! 😁 No laughing no fun 😝

Most Helpful Guy

  • If she immediately asks these questions, then it's a red flag:
    1. "How wealthy are you?"- variations include "what kind of job do you have", "what do you do for a living", "how much do you earn", etc. If she does, then her ulterior motives are crystal clear- leave her well alone.
    2. "How sexually experienced are you?"- variations include "how many girlfriends have you had", "how many people have you slept with", "how good are you in bed", etc. If she does, then she's just looking for a piece of meat, a 'stud' to fuck with, and she'll treat you like a sexual object. Begone.
    3. "Are you a nice guy?"- any woman who asks this question is a hopeless case, and there's nothing you could possibly say or do in response to this question which she won't seize upon as an excuse to categorize you as one in her warped mind. Get lost.


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  • someone who only talks about themselves and doesn't ask about you or listen to what you have to say
    someone who gets angry for stupid reasons
    someone who doesn't consider your feelings
    someone who is narrow-minded
    someone who talks bad about their friends behind their back but not to their face
    someone who flirts with anyone and everyone
    someone who gets jealous and possessive over minuscule things
    someone who wants to change you or won't accept you

  • Not the kind of red flag that should have you running for the hills, but if you feel like you're walking on eggshells when talking about your hobbies/interests/favourite bands, just end it and save yourself the trouble

  • A chick who thinks highly of herself
    Plays games
    Leads you on
    Talking to hella other guys
    Acts interested but doesn't do anything
    Uses you
    Talks about sex from the get go
    You see a lot of guys on her social media
    Ignores you/then texts you again

    • These are things you should watch out for

    • Thank you. Yeah I never got the text delay thing.. text her then she replies hours later or none at all.

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