Am I overthinking? Or is there something there?

Me and my boyfriend are long distance, we've been together for 2years. My boyfriend follows lots of random girls and when I've asked him before he says it means nothing it's just Instagram. Recently he's been very busy at work and works two jobs as he is going to be moving and so we don't spend a lot of time together or talk that much. I've given him the option of leaving but he begged me to be patient with him. Today I saw he was active on Instagram and it confused me because he is supposed to be busy and drained out yet he has time for Instagram but still no text to see how i'm doing (my grandad just had a stroke). I noticed that he likes selfies of other girls. It makes me feel like he thinks they're more attractive or wants to be with them because for eg she has blue eyes whereas I have brown one. I don't know if I'm overeacting because he has on past jokes about other Gia being prettier but at the end he laughs and says I'm the most beautiful girl in the world and that if he could have anyone he'd choose me. So I don't know if I'm overeacting ir overthinking? Also when you guys notice other women is it because you want her and not your girl? Do you think she's better? Etc


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  • Oh sure I notice other girls, but I don't want them like my girlfriend. social media tends to cause problems like this. I agree he should be texting or calling you first before the social media, but who knows why he chooses to do that first

    • Yeah he says that he doesn't find anyone more attractive than me.. is that how you feel bout your gf? I've spoken to him about how he is on ig and not texting me and he said it's just Instagram and it's meaningless to him. Ik it's just a follow and if they don't follow back he unfollows. I've gone to the point of trying to break up with him because of being on ig and not contacting me and he begged me to stay, said it's just ig and take tow seconds. What do you think?

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    • That is very true and I could not agree more! You are certainly welcome m'lady! Best of luck to you in your relationship and have a fabulous day

    • Likewise :)

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  • There will always be someone prettier than you but if he is serious about you whether blue or brown eyes won't make a bit of difference he will still choose you if not then he's not the one for you.

    • Ik what you mean, I find other guys attractive and ik that yeah they have things that would make them more attractive than my boyfriend, however I love him so in my eyes he's the most attractive
      Guy. I just want to know if it's like that for him? I Mean he tells me I'm the most beautiful and no one else is prettier in his eyes but I feel like he just said it?