Is he feeling more for me? He said he wasn't ready for a relationship right now. Wants to have sex and talk and be friends without to many expectation?

long story short. He was unsure of everything in his life. I pushed him to hard to clarify what we were. He came back after two months of us not speaking. He missed me our talks our amazing sex. He in a ruff point in his life. He wants us to talk have sex and me not to expect to much right now. But he did misses me. I agreed. Anything to have him back Im pathetic I know. Well we tired to meet up it didn't work. He asked me to met up Sunday for sex. I had a date. I didn't want to cancel cause I wasn't sure when he"d leave again. this other guy was at least there. we were just friends who made out from time to time. I get physically ill when I lie. So I ended up canceling my date Sunday. Sunday I told the man about my lie. He flipped the fuck out. How he should have been a priority that he gets it. I explained to him its not like that. I want to see him that I could lie to him I was sorry. We argued. I told him i didn't know how to do this he doesn't want a relationship but we aren't seeing anyone else tell me the rules and I will play along. I like you and care about you otherwise i wouldn't have made a fool of myself. He said no rules its common sense and priorities and who means more to me. I called him out about if he was seeing anyone else. he called and yelled at me he's not fucking seeing anyone else. Anyways We ended up meeting for sex. It was different when I got there. He actually looked happy to see me. Before sex was me on top then doggy. It was great rough sex. This time it was gentler. He kept his eyes open more and made eye contact with me while I was on top. He then rolled to where he was on top still it was gentle and we kissed a lot. when we had finished he hadn't moved at all we kissed and then he kissed my forehead a long kiss. We kissed a few more times before he got off. He wanted me to listen to two songs that describe him. i did. he shed a few tears listening to the song. did this change into something more? or am I over thinking it. The forehead kiss?


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  • If he genuinely wants a relationship he shouldn't fight you nor MANIPULATE the situation. He seems like he simply seeks control over the entire thing.

    To answer you: you are over thinking - the whole thing and not just the forehead kiss. It's the sex and company he sex as he said it - nothing more.

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