Why do I fall for the guys I never get to meet?

i think there is something wrong with me.

whenever I meet someone online and never see them but still fall for them, I never get over them. because of distance it doesn't work out between us, I still never get over them. I never get them out of my head and I will cry over them sometimes.

and the guys I meet around me and hookup with or date or whatever, I never get sad for it not working out between us. I mean I do get sad but it doesn't bother me that its over and that I won't see them again or something.

what is my problem?

why do I fall for the guys I never get to meet, 10 times harder.


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  • You might be making them into something that they're not. Because even if you talk to someone a lot online or on the phone or whatever, it's not the same as in person. So they seem "perfect" and you get more attached that way?