Ladies I need your opinions please?

Was at a friends house with my girlfriend, there was a few of us and we were having a few drinks..
my girlfriend decides to start acting the bitch, we were joking around but she wasn't giving it up and tried to storm out the room.
i went after her flung her over my shoulder and brought her back. I pinned her on the rug and tickled her till she agreed to stop her bitchyness
I thought that was it over but since getting home she's decided not to speak to me.
Surely what she was doing is worse than me messing around with her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think she's the one who should apologize actually.

    • I don't expect an apology off her, I laughed it off as I don't take things to heart but I don't enjoy looking like a mug in front of other people. I just need her to lighten up and stop being pissed at me, when she was more out of order than I was

    • O_o are you using 2 accounts? Wtf.

What Guys Said 1

  • I agree that no one likes someone bitchy, but you also made a pretty big scene out it and drew everyone's attention to her and you. I would be pissed too.

    • The attention was already on us when she was unnessaserily acting the bitch to me, I laughed it off and so did everyone else. I didn't retaliate till she tried to leave instead of stopping so I got her to stop without having to be mean to her, she has no need to be pissed at me...