Will I ever get a chance with my best friend?

So I've been best friends with this girl for 5 years now, and within the past 6 months we've gotten really really close. We can absolutely share anything and we both really deeply care so much about each other (we've both pulled each other out of depression too). However lately there's been a lot more physical intimacy (practically anything less than a kiss) like hand holding, snuggling, resting head on shoulders, etc. We always talk about how we want to date someone like each other, because we both want the same things in a relationship. I just couldn't help falling for her.

But things got interesting.

We were texting late at night and we were talking about how people always think we like each other and I said "Honestly though if either of us did ever like each other I don't think we would ever say anything" and then I told her I'd be too afraid to say anything (which I am)

She responded saying that She would definitely be scared but said that even if things didn't work out between us that we would still remain best friends (since we are so close) and then went on to say that she thought we could handle a relationship very well.

Is it me just being hopeful or is she trying to send a message? We've been hanging out so much lately too, I just feel like I need her...


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  • Yes, that honestly does sound like a signal. When you told her that you'd be too afraid to say anything, that is a massive sign towards her. Would you say something like that to a good (female) friend who you do not have feelings for? Of course not.

    Then, she says she would also be scared, BUT that she thought you two could handle a relationship very well. This is essentially as clear as it gets, without literally saying it. Don't get me wrong, if I were in your situation I would also be doubting myself. Yet, as a bystander, I can say that this surely is more than meaningless chatter.

    You should tell her about your feelings for her. A good way of doing this would be to refer to that conversation, like: "Remember when we were talking about if either of us did like each other? Well, I didn't just randomly say that, because I do in fact like you. Very much if I'm being honest."

    Saying something along those lines is terrifying. I know, because I have been in similar situations. However, it will most definitely be worth it. Keeping this to yourself will only end up hurting more and more, while she may like you much the same.

    In other words, go for it. Be honest with her and find out what happens!


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  • I think you should go for it, if it were me, I wouldn't respond like that if I wasn't interested.


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