Do Women Find German Men Repulsive? Regardless of how physically attractive they may be?

I ask because I am about a quarter German. Sometimes I get visited by my ancestor, a Gestapo but that's besides the point. Been told I'm very handsome, fun to be around, tall, and the working girls say I'm good in bed.

But I have a strong feeling it's my heritage that turns women off. All because of history (e. g. the Holocaust) and stereotypes ("kruats hate black people. Kruats all heil. bull**** bull****.")

Please tell me German guys can have a chance with women.


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  • As a Dutchman, a neighbor to Germany, I can honestly say you are completely fine. Obviously, everyone on aware of Germany's history, but luckily most are smart enough that German people today have nothing to do with that.
    And believe me, no one would refrain from dating someone they are interested in, JUST because they have German heritage. I myself would date a German girl in a heartbeat if I was interested in her.


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  • no i have no problem with the country of where a person is from... i am mixed and my mom's paternal grandfather is German lol


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