Do you feel when you are in a great relationship you find new ways to express feelings and passion no matter how many relationships you have had?

when I kiss him I find myself kissing him like I never kissed anyone. When we are in bed I find myself coming up with new techniques I never used before like this is how I give myself to someone. I can't be a virgin again but I keep finding new things to experience the way we touch everything between us I feel I do in a new way! Yes the usual stuff too. Has anyone else noticed they invent newness in a healthy relationship. I even make up new words to describe my feelings.


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  • Yeah I understand the emotions and feelings you describe - It is natural if you feel that this is the best relationship yet that you want to give it more - Whether it is a real feeling or not is immaterial, you just want to give it your all - If you are very lucky there will be stages in all your relationships where you feel that until you get to the place of the final relationship forever.


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  • Yes of course.