Should I say this to my casual guy? That I love him and that I indeed do want more?

We met in June a year ago. On the first date, he mentioned that he never commits, and so that's why most relationships didn't last. He told me that when he was 19, he got into a relationship for a few years and that was it. He never had a monogamous relationship again. Now he's 31, he's very handsome and could get a girl like that bc he's charming. I'm 21, he's only the second guy I've been with. It was great, bc I didn't want anything emotional after my first I just wanted to try this hook up thing. I told him that I know why he's after, so let's do it. Let's just be that. 5 months into it, he started to ask if could grocery shop and cook together and be around his friends. Then I told him that I am starting to want something more meaningful and that it has lasted longer than I wanted. Secretly it was bc I started to fall for him and didn't wanna get hurt. He told me that he's been thinking of something little more serious, and that if I wanted that from him, he wants to do it. So, we did it. He took me out restaurants, plenty of hiking trips, even a road trip to his aunties beach house and took me different places. Couple months like this and then he traveled w his friends for 6 weeks. I fell in love w him by then and so I started becoming a little controlling/complaining that he doesn't care etc, which he HATES. He loves his freedom like no other. And I get it. I became like this bc I was going through lots of stress bc other things. Recently we talked and he told me that he thinks I want a real boyfriend. I told him I started seeing another guy and so he became a bit distant. I was so scared he finds out I want that from him and that I love him, so I told I don't want a relationship w you and said some mean things. Now should I tell him? I know when I meet a guy I like a lot and wants more I'll go w him. But in the meantime I would like this to continue this, we are very passionate and love the same things and think alike.. should I say it?


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  • why would you do that? you fucked it up with this guy..

    • Fucked it up how?

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    • you could try saying you love him. and that the other guy was just a lie.

    • thnks for mho. i hope your thing works out tough

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  • "I fell in love with him"
    You shouldn't continue sleeping with him. You have to realize that he doesn't want anything serious with you.

    • It's not with "me" he doesn't want it in general is what he said in the beginning. When I decided to stop seeing him, a little before I decided this I noticed he wanted to get a little more serious but I wasn't sure, so I decided to end it and when I told him, he said that if I wanted it he wanted to try it with me. And we got more serious as time goes. You don't sleep with someone for that long and not love them, he even told me this.

    • I should say date someone for that long. But anyway, unless you haven't experienced this, I don't expect you to understand this situation!