Girls, Crush now has boyfriend?

Ok so , me and this girl was always staring and I thought she was so beautiful it prevented me making moves , she didn't see me for months and actually started saying hi. Moving on from that she didn't see me again for months lol so the day I was going to ask her out I seen her with her boyfriend. And her atitude was different she was all anxious , red in the face and avoided all contact. Not going to lie it kind of hurt as I had work commitments and was getting to it but now just kind of put me really down? Don't really know what to do to be honest


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  • There's nothing to do now but wait and see if something happens, or to move on.

    • Update : she's had one the whole time. Started with me and her having some intense eye contact. I then stopped and avoided her and she came chasing me saying hi and blushing all the time. When I seen her with him she avoided me didn't look and look extremely anxious

    • Maybe she does secretly have feelings for you. You still can't do anything though.

    • Hmm but I never tried to initiate conversation she did after not seeing me around for a while all I did was eye flirt lol. So I never spoke to her she started purposely walking past to say hi so should I initiate a conversation

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