Is this guy trying to push me away and hurt me?

So I was hooking up with this guy casually but then we started to develop feelings for each other and it shifted the dynamic a bit. Then I moved across the country. We never ended things because there was "nothing" to end. Since I moved (over a month), we've messaged each other and skyped. He would tell me how he's thinking about me and that he's crazy about me. Then he would stop talking to me then resume again. I feel like i reciprocated my feelings... but must admit im a bit guarded. I do like him but not sure what we're doing. Then last we spoke, he asked if I was seeing anyone and how he's surprised Im not seeing anyone yet. And even encouraged me to see someone else- this is after telling me he missed me. I'm so confused and hurt that i couldn't really reply back. Should I forget this guy? I know a relationship is not realistically so what are we doing?


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  • Get over it and have a real relationship
    I mean you're old enough to do anything you want.. like dating other guys
    Your life won't stop on him
    If you felt he just doesn't want you just move on


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  • You should definitely forget about him. He even told you to meet someone else.

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