Should I Confess To Liking Her Even Though I Don't Expect Her To Reciprocate?

Hey guys. I'm taking a class at a community college this summer and I met a girl who I've been talking to for a few weeks now. She's a transient student from a state school and just graduated high school, meanwhile I'm entering my senior year of high school this Fall. My age hasn't seemed to pose any barriers, and she claims to believe that I'm physically attractive. However, my lackluster flirting (pretty much non-existent, actually) has made sure that she addresses me as no more than a friend. She talks about her prospective dates and she asks me for advice with them so yeah Β―_(ツ)_/Β― safe to say I blew it. Even so, I would feel irresolute if I didn't at least tell her what I'm feeling. Assuming the worst, there's only 4 more meetings for the class including the final, so the awkwardness could be tolerated for a few days. Would it be a good idea to tell her or should I just move on out?

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Well I told her even though only @hawaiikai sent an opinion but tbh I was going to do it regardless of the results here 😂😂. It's basically the outcome I expected. She was a slightly flustered and politely told me that because of some other guy she's been talking to she does not reciprocate. We are still on good terms.


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  • Liking could mean all kinds if things

    • Sorry ☺ I meant romantic interest

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    • LOL I've got an addiction for adrenaline and I make impulsive choices

    • Oh god lmao I made the mistake of forgetting that you don't know my username then tagging you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  • always tell someone how you feel. no matter what. you never know what their response is going to be


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  • When you wrote that she told you about prospective dates, that told me that you were in the Friend Zone. That is a place of desolation from which no man returns.

    • Haha yes for sure... That's part of the reason why I considered this reckless approach, if only just to end the matter quickly.