Why do I feel so low about myself?

everyday is a struggle to get out of bed and look in the mirror. The negative thoughts that I have consume me. I compare myself to other girls and feel so worthless and undesireable compared to these other girls. I have small boobs, almost non exsistent and I do have a big ass but it's not firm and has celulite. I have fat thighs when I sit down. I also have a bit of a stomach rather than a roned flat one. I'm a petite girl in the sense of my waist and my arms. I dont feel pretty, in fact most days I feel so ugly I want to cry or put a bag over my head. I barely wear makeup anymore because it doesn't help so why bother. I have completely given up. So depressed. Does anyone else feel this way? is it normal?


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  • First off, none of what you said about yourself was even remotely true, with the expectation of the big butt thing. You are a healthy weight I'd even say any less than what you are now would be considered unhealth but even if you fell into a spiral of depression and gained 200 pounds i would still love you. You see you keep talking about your physical features and such but what about your personality? Mind body and soul your beauty is endless. I understand though thats not what your feeling insecure about and i can admit when we first started talking in grade 7 what attracted me too you was your looks but that was grade 7, I'm not a little boy anymore our connection has become deeper than just that you know this brooklynn. I got too learn everything about you. what makes you the person you are today, the personal struggles you have experienced and sadly continue to experience. But i feel most importantly, I've gotten to know the real you over the course of two years and have pleasantly gotten too see that you are just as incredible on the inside as you look on the outside. almost non existent? Lol you make it sound like you only have nipples you have no flaws in my eyes what so ever that in its self is almost a flaw. And this celulite you speak i haven't seen still to this day, so obviously it isn't noticeable what so ever plus undesirable, worthless? who do you want to be desired by? Your not worthless what so ever you're worth everything to me, I don't know if that counts for anything though. You don't feel pretty? You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen. There is nothing i would change about you, if anything i would change something about myself because clearly you can't come to me with how your feeling, you have to ask total strangers for advice. I also find it strange because on this very website i posted your picture and asked peoples opinion on your looks and they were all positive but I've come to realization that people's opinions don't really matter to you, your going to continue to feel how you feel about yourself and that i can understand. I was in the same position you were in months before we started dating but you changed my life made everything better i can only hope and pray to one day return that favour ill always be grateful for how much better you made my life thus far and 2500 words cannot describe how much it hurt too see you post something like this, and to know this is how you feel and that you couldn't come to me directly.

    • I ain't shit without you! I've never been to prideful to admit that, you've always been the girl of my dreams the only difference between then and now is you're the woman of my dreams. I'm going to marry you someday brooklynn i promise you that but in the meantime don't say that your worthless because that means that I'M WORTHLESS, i just hope that I'm worth it.

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  • You need to talk to your parents and ask them to send you to a therapist.

    • You need to evaluate the way in which you phrase your advice.

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    • @hesoyam1895 Bro go nitpick somewhere else. I do not have time for this level of ridiculousness.

    • @hesoyam1895 LMFAO wow. So sensitive and caring there XD

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  • I have the same body type but still do Not hate myself. I would def. fuk me.