Help me decipher mixed signals... guy is HARD to read! Is his texting game awful or is he just not that into me?

Okay. Met this guy while out of town. Exchanged numbers. Talked once a week or so. I was mostly the one who initiated the texting, but he was responsive usually. Dirty pics were involved. Went back through the state a month later and we set up a date.

Date went well. He even commented that it was really great conversation and great sex. I stayed over- was hesitant but he kept telling me "I really don't mind if you stay over. It would be rude of me to tell you you couldn't stay over, you came all this way." He wanted to lie there together in bed afterward. Touched me when we went to sleep (not all night, which was fine by me). He kissed me in the morning when we were getting up. This was about a week ago.

He texted me the next day to wish me luck on my meeting. He still likes my social media posts. But never initiates conversation with me. I think the day after to wish me luck was the only time he has initiated the conversation. I don't try to text him every day. Maybe every few days, and it's always very casual or playful.

This guy is basically a PR guy. Great at talking to people, but I wonder if he is just bad at talking with girls, or doesn't know what to say. Either that, or he just isn't into me but is trying to be nice. I can't figure it out. He gives me signals and then he shuts me down. For instance:

Awhile back he talked about needing a companion for a certain event, I played along and told him it was too bad it couldn't be me. I was involved in the same kind of event here where I live &told him it was my turn to need a companion for that. He says, "sorry, this guy's got X to do." (his work, that I obviously knew about) I obviously knew he couldn't go, was just trying to play around like he did. Convo stopper. He does those a lot.

Do I continue to initiate conversation or is he just not that into me? In person it feels we are in sync. Communicating via text is confusing with him. He is the first guy I just cannot seem to read.


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  • He might have thought that you just wanted to play around a bit. If you have always been the one contacting him than nothing has changed. As hard as it is some poeple just won't initiate contact with others. I have 4 freinds like that and if I don't contact them then I just won't see them. try contacting him a few more times. Tell him what you want and if he does not give it to you then. It is up to you to decide what to do.
    I'm also having a hard problem reading the girl I like. Can you read my question and give me your opinion on it please.


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  • I kind of get the feeling that it was just a one time thing for him.


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  • If you're thinking this much, you're overthinking.

    Just ask him straight up. This is a waste of your time and ours.

    • If I felt comfortable asking him, I would. Is that not why this site exists?

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  • I say ask him straight up or fall back. Don't text him so much and see how he responds. If he's a great talker/PR person and he sees you fall back and he is interested he will reach out. Otherwise just move on.