Do you consider "short chaser" a term? Do you know anyone who is one?

Since there are guys who are chubby chasers, which means they are attracted to larger women (No offence to anyone). I wonder if there are girls who are short chasers, attracted to short guys or guys shorter than them. If so do you know anyone (including yourself) who is one and how does that person compare in height? PS guys attracted to short girls is common


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  • I don't know a single girl that actively seeks out short guys. That's not a thing

    • Then why are there guys who seek out larger girls? Why is chubby chaser a thing?

  • You mean Midget Molesters?

    • I mean girls who are attracted to short guys or shorter guys. It's like how there are chubby chasers.

    • Yeah I got it...

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