Still in love with a girl who rejected me after 10 years. Should I tell to the girls I date that I will never have deep feeling for them upfront?

I still love a girl that I met 10 years ago. We hang out and be intimate for few months, and it was beautiful. then she gave me the let's just be friend speech and other common lies to reject you nicely. I am not more in contact with her and she lives also in another continent. Since then I did not feel (not even close) the same for any other girl I met. When I met a girl I should tell her upfront that I will never have deep feeling for her or just lie and make them believe that I like them in a romantic way?
If I am honest with them probably I will never date a girl again. If I lie, I feel like an asshole and seems that I use them just for sex. A person deserve someone that really put them in the first place. Moreover I do not want to spend the life with a girl I do not really care about. I do not want to "move on" making other people suffer.


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  • Personally i don't think you should force yourself to move on if you don't feel ready because you're not only hurting yourself during the process but also other girls that really do fall for you and they shouldn't have to suffer just because you choose not to let go of the person that's never gon' be yours. If it helps be with someone who you know is NOT looking for a serious relationship either because that way no one will get hurt during the process and no one's time is getting wasted and you'll get over this girl you're pining over. Forcing yourself into a relationship isn't gon' work for you obviously ( coz if it was it would've already) tho it works for others but it isn't for everyone.


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  • you can predict for the future?

    • No, but I am realistic. I am not so young anymore, and I know what I want. I met a lot of girls. Then life is not fair. Not everyone get what he wants. Actually a lot of people do not get what they want.

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    • Well, there is nothing at the moment. She lives in another continent. I do not have her number anymore, and I did not find her on social network (yes I tried)

    • pretend she doesn't exist and you'll soon forget about her.

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  • It's always best to be completely open and honest from the beginning.

    • I know, but It is also almost sure that I will never get a second date. How you would react if I would say this to you?

  • Aw, you're the cutest thing in the world
    Yeah, be honest..

    • Thanks. But it will be almost sure that I will not get a second date. And in this way I can never move on.

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