I hate this. Please help me figure it out?

I seem to have a thing for a girl from work, and we barely know eachother. She started working here a few months ago. She seems friendly and is quite attractive, but i mostly kept it professional like with everyone else at work. She on the other hand, despite still keeping it professional, seems to be very comfortable around me for a while now.
To get to my point, i decided to casually ask her out on a drink after work and figure it out. The problem is that when i came upto her, i suddenly got nervous. And with each second it was getting worse. I managed to ask, but it was not very casually. It was more like i asked her is she interasted to go on a date, which i'd only intentionally ask her if i knew her better (you can say the date auto pilot malfunctioned). It was completely unintentional, so the surprise made me even more nervous. By the time i finished talking i completely freaked out, and i am quite sure she noticed (i mean come on, i caught myself off guard by my own words). It was so bad i was unaware of my surroundings, and i'm not sure i saw her reaction very well because my mind was all over the place.
She spoke slowly, and something along the lines of "Sure" and "we can have a friendly hang out". What puzzles me is that she reached out and squeezed my arm for a few seconds while she was talking. That surprised me even more as we had zero physical contact before (plus, i won't touch anyone i don't know well, except when it comes to shaking hands). I got out of there as soon as i could, while i still had control over my legs.

I was never anywhere near this kind of situations before, and i'm not sure what to think. I have some attractive female friends, so that can't be it. This whole situation is very scary for me as i'm usualy in full control of myself, especially at work.

The questions are, what's up with the arm squeeze, and how badly i blew it?

Sorry for the long text and thank you for answering.


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  • It was not a negative reaction, however she agreed even though she said it's going to be friendly.
    Anyway, next time it will be better.

    • Please clarify.

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    • I figured as much, which is why i hoped you can tell me the possible alternatives. For example, why would you do it?

    • I wouldn't do it. Touching people makes me feel uncomfortable.

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  • She flirted with you by squeezing your arm; so, make the date happen

  • she said sure. you're fine.