How to get back on a liar and cheater?

I was going out on a couple dates with this guy and it seemed like the ideal type. For instance, he would refused to let me split the bill and keep on taking me to places that were kind of expensive.

However, he was only available after 5 pm, his cell sometimes was busy or off (when asked, he would say it was his busy schedule) and apparently he told me he doesn't have fb, messenger nor whatssup. I thought it seemed too good to be true but ignored it at first. My mother and some other relative started already suspecting he's hiding something and that no one just spends money like that for nothing.

Long-story short after a search a couple friend, my mother and I did... we found out he's been married for 5 years.

In addition, he also has a 2 year-old daughter.
Even though I didn't sleep with him nor it got too serious... I still feel cheated on, scammed out of my time. I was still 5 dates... exactly a month of I'll never get back.


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  • The age old question... how do I exact revenge on a cheater?

    Most people would say move on, but if everyone does that, the guys just keeps going around abusing women and abusing his wife's trust too.

    If you want to get back at him, throw an anonymous letter in their mailbox addressed to his wife. Explain what he did and that she needs to keep a leash on him. If it breaks up the marriage, so be it! Obviously it is not a good one in the first place.

    • Exactly. I'm right now putting myself in that poor woman's shoes. I would be devastated if I were cheated on in a marriage and he's wasting money on a date (basically that's already cheating) instead of on me and his child.
      He never told me he was married. He clearly told me he was single.

    • POS... it is a total waste of your time and effort too!

    • Thanks for MHGuy, cheers, and he will learn someday!

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  • Don't do anything at all. Move on with your life. Don't waste your time and energy.