I feel like my boyfriend doesn't want me anymore what do I do?

So I've been in a Long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 5 months (we first met while we were both on vacation on an excursion) so lately my boyfriend has been doing small talk like "hey" "how are you babe?" And then he says "be right back" but never comes back till the next day. we usually talk on the phone and text a little but he has never cut our conversations this short to where it's 2 minutes a day. I feel like he doesn't want me anymore like at any moment he'd be glad to just throw me in a pile of trash and leave me. What should I do? Should I confront him about it? Or am I just overreacting by thinking its not normal to talk to your boyfriend for 2 minutes a day. I'm 17 and he's 19


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  • yea this does not sound good at all. You do need to talk to him about that bc if y'all are a couple, it should be much longer than 2 minutes and should be calling more than texting. It doesn't matter if he is real busy, he can more time if he really wanted too. Now its good that he is making time period but just let him know that you would like to talk to him longer than 2 minutes a day bc you feel this way and that way.

    Communicating your feelings is the only way he can fix that. Guys cannot read our minds. So tell him how you are feeling. If he doesn't improve, he is not that serious about the relationship and it could be bc y'all do not live in the same city and some people can loose interests after a while and that shows.

  • How often do you see him?

    • The only time we have seen each other was that first time. I believe he's afraid to visit me cause he's afraid of my parents of what they will think of him and I obviously can't travel by myself to where he lives since I'm only 17.

    • I'm sorry to say but I think this "relationship" is coming to an end. And it's really for the best. You deserve to have someone in your life that is actually in your life.