Girls, Should I delete this girl off Facebook?

Ok so there's a girl in my class who I asked on a date after class Wednesday her response

I am going to my next class, I have English on that day too Why?

i say cause I wanna take her to dinner later that evening well she never ended up responding this girl talks a lot about how she's tired of all the guys who chase her and how she would trade it all for just 1 guy to love and care about but how is this possible I show my gentleman side I'm not trying to have sex with her I legit wanted to take her out and get to know her better and see if we had chemistry

Thanks and I just see no point I mean some people call it beta but is there really a point


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  • See, do not lose your self respect for her. Probably she needs someone who won't treat as good as you are.. Try talking to her , 1 or 2 times more.. If she continues behaving the way she is, just don't bother her.. You're probably too good for her.. I'm sure she'll realize your worth later on.. Do not be needy and keep showing as though she's the only one and like she is everything.. Try to show her that if not her, you have other options as well.. at least personally , I would've truly appreciated a gentleman like you.. But if suppose, there was some other guy with whom I wouldn't wanna date , and if he'll go on asking me again and again inspite of me pushing him away, I'll lose all respect for him and would get annoyed by him.. on the other side, if he won't bother me much, I might myself think over it approach him and probably feel guilty for my behavior. Remember, if your absence doesn't make any difference, then your presence won't, either...
    All the best, buddy..!

    • So you said try talking to her 1 or 2 more times what do I say cause these messages were over Facebook, I see her in class tomorrow but I get the feeling it's gonna be super awkward

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    • Yeah I could never hurt a girl just to see her cry would make me sad

    • I truly appreciate that.. I'm really glad to see that gentlemen like you still do exist. Do not change buddy! You'll surely get a girl who'll make you the happiest person..

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